Once a Tree

ONCE A TREE is an electronic music duo made up of Jayli and Hayden Wolf. With heartfelt lyrics forged from their personal experiences, the couple released their debut EP entitled “Thousand Lives” Summer of 2015.

Sharing a similar troubling past, the two met in 2012
while leaving the oppressive dooms day cult they were raised in. With music being their forbidden escape, the two fell in love and began to focus all their time and energy into pursuing a life in the arts. They wrote folk music in a small valley town in the Canadian Rockies where they performed at cafes and on the street. When Jayli won a songwriting competition the two were flown to Toronto to shoot a music video. They arrived in the city with two suitcases and a guitar; looking for a fresh start and determined to pursue their dreams of being full-time musicians.

In 2014, Hayden was accepted into The Remix Project where he was able to hone his music production skills. The two began to evolve their sound, infusing mellow beats with dream pop melodies.