Beat Sampras

Toronto based dj/producer beat sampras has been releasing his 90s influenced trap-wave beats on soundcloud for not all that long actually. determined to steer away from the unknown basement producer plague, sampras started sharing his music online to an audience made up of probably just his friends and family. Shaped by the sounds of 90s r&b, 00s neptunes, timbaland, 9th wonder, kanye, etc., sampras makes things that sound good to him. people with similar tastes are finding their way to his wave, and they seem to be sticking around. In addition to his monthly single drops, beat Sampras serves as resident DJ at popular Toronto hotspots, from The Soho House to Libertine. “this was once the future” comes on the heels of sampras’ 12-track visual video series released last summer which featured various instrumentals promoted via an interactive campaign on social media.