ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series: beat sampras

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ITZSOWEEZEE Spotlight Series highlights the incredibly talented DJs and producers that make up the ITZSOWEEZEE ranks, as well as our extended music family. Each month, we deliver a fresh mix that reflects the diverse style and flavour of our crew. This is an opportunity to “meet” our selectors, enjoy some amazing free music, and understand why we command the respect that we do.

For the past several months, we’ve been outsourcing the Spotlight Series duties to some of our talented friends from across Canada, down south in the U.S., and across the pond in Europe. This month, for the twenty-eighth installment in the series, we turn the spotlight back inwards to showcase one of our very own ITZSOWEEZEE family members – rising Toronto producer @samprassound (beat sampras). We’ve had the honour of knowing sampras for over a decade, and have witnessed the man transition from a simple loop-chopping beatmaker into one hell of a dope producer – one who is quickly becoming one of Toronto’s greatest hidden gems. Last Fall, he dropped remix after remix, culminating in the release of his first official mixtape, appropriately titled The Remixes. Since then, he’s built strong relationships and worked with international talent like Ikaz Boi and Atari Jones, to local artists including Michael Imperial, R&B/pop vocalist TEA, his Bedroomer fam Eytan Tobin and Lum, as well as many others who shall remain a secret (for now).

All of sampras’ hard work has lead him to his first MuchFACT video grant, and he’s been busy creating a series of visuals set to drop soon. On top of that, he’s been in the studio non-stop, putting in work on his official debut EP, which is going to be a serious problem. He’s sprinkled in some exclusives for your ears throughout his hour-long Spotlight Series mix. Full of genre-bending styles, the mix displays why sampras has been steadily accumulating gigs at some of the hottest parties in the city, including his monthly residency, Coast, at The Libertine with ITZSOWEEZEE co-founder DeMiggs. Once only a behind-the-scenes character in Toronto’s music scene, sampras is has grown into one of the most valuable players in the league. To understand why, press play and let beat sampras take you on a smooth-as-silk musical journey – you won’t be disappointed.

“My thoughts are:
I don’t know what to say lol
Just hit play”
– beat sampras


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